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An architect who loves exploring what comics and architecture have in common and wonders why we still write bios in third-person.


A passionate designer. A developing artist. It is difficult to define yourself as a creative designer and to curate an experience for others to perceive you and your work. Your image, regardless of design, is subjective to those who interact with it. With this in mind, I created an experience that not only showcased my work, but also my diverse range of creative interests and the intersection of my process as an artist, and designer.


I've been designing for over 6 years, with an open heart to create extraordinary work. I believe every problem is an opportunity. I have exhibited both at home and abroad, in places such as Canada, Germany, Belgium, Egypt, and UAE. My works have appeared in both group and solo settings and has received a wide critical acclaim. 


When I'm not photosynthesizing in the warm glow of my computer screen, you can find me lifting some heavy weights at the gym, buying plants in any store I can put my eyes on, and flirting with stray animals on the street. 

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I create outstanding visual communication concepts by combining illustration, 3D modeling, and graphic design. To accomplish this, I collaborate closely with my clients and believe that a strong creative concept should always be the "load-bearing wall" in our projects.


2023 – Maison & Jardin Magazine


2023ART ON LOOP EUROPE - The Holy Art
2022 – ArtNordic 2022 - Copenhagen Art Festival
2021 – 100/100 Graphic Poster                      
2021 – Interiors of Isolation 
2021 – CEIDA-China Europe Int
ernational Design Culture Association
2020 – Best Digital Art in 3ds Max & Photoshop by CG architects' Adam Zollinger, Ph.D.         
2019 – Cheltenham Illustration Awards 
2019 – 3rd MCPO Award Manga Section/Illustration Section 
2018 – Arquine Convoca: Competition MEXTRÓPOLI Pavillion 
2018 – Achievement in Art and Architecture by Harvard Univer


2021 – Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels                   
2021 – Cultuurcentrum Ter Dilft, Brussels         
2021 – Warehouse421, Abu Dhabi                      
2020 – University of Toronto, Toronto  
2020 – LUCA School of Arts, Brussels
2019 – German University in Cairo, Cairo
2018 – Harvard University, Cambridge


2022 – Sension: Dystopia Reimagined   
2019 – Platter of Solitude
2018 – What Lies Beyond Colors: The Bimiristan

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